13 Bonaparte conceptualizes a modern wardrobe composed of garments with graphic details cut from comfortable materials, all designed with layering in mind. 
We are detached from seasonal and ephemeral collections because we believe in the longevity of our wardrobe. We privilege evolution over change, allure over trends. 
The exclusivity of our distribution offers us the possibility of adjusting our wardrobe with concern for quality and accessibility. It is centered on this international digital platform, as well as in our boutique studio which also houses our workspace and design studio.
Our production partners are European and are chosen for their thoroughness and commitment; their know-how and attention to detail meet our quality criteria.
Each of our garment mixes our main influences: industrial design, utilitarian, sportswear and tailoring clothes. Faithful to a quest for simplicity and functionality, each design gradually completes our wardrobe.
Because we are also passionate about decorative arts, we now offer a selection of inspiring objects from the 30s to the 90s.
All of our pieces delivered for France and abroad are carefully prepared from our boutique studio in the Haut-Marais area of Paris.


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