Our manufacturing is exclusively carried out in the European Union for reasons of proximity with our design studio based in Paris and our attachment to independent workshops.

Our workshops are often managed by families who pass on their business from generation to generation by employing qualified seamstresses who are committed to their profession.

Depending on the know-how and particularities of each, these partner workshops are located in the center of Warsaw in Poland and in the Porto region in Portugal.

Each country and each culture have a specific experience which has guided our choices according to the pieces that we intend for them. Our shirts are made in Poland and Portugal in workshops entirely dedicated to shirts, from made-to-measure to larger series.

Our t-shirts made of eucalyptus fiber are also made in Porto at a workshop that only makes jerseys.

Our denim pieces such as 5-pocket pants and overshirts are made by a workwear specialist who then calls on a neighbor washer in the Porto region for the finishing touches and the softening of the denim fabric. Some pieces in unwashed denim are also made in Poland.

Other workshops in Warsaw have expertise in tailored clothing such as overshirts, jackets and trousers cut from cool wool, flannel and corduroy, fabrics that they handle to perfection. Outerwear pieces like bomber jackets in technical gros grain and coats in wool are also entrusted to the Warsaw workshops

Some of these workshops have accompanied us since the first days of the brand, new ones have been added and will be added in order to support us on our initial mission, which is to make a wardrobe with clean finishes and which is part of our lives over time.

The majority of our partner workshops in Portugal are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). This is an international label created in 2002 and anchored in European legislation which guarantees a socially responsible mode of production, it also applies quality requirements.





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