Tel-Aviv, nicknamed “the white city”, is renowned for its large concentration of Bauhaus buildings with white facades.

The Bauhaus is originally a school of architecture opened in the 1920s in Germany and founded by three architects Walter Gropius, Hannes Meyer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Tel-Aviv counts more than 4000 Bauhaus buildings, which makes it the first city in the world ; this architectural gem has been protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003





Functionality is the major element of these buildings with curved lines, designed for all social classes. Steel and concrete draw simple and pure shapes.

Tel Aviv became the dominant city of the Bauhaus movement, built by Jewish architects who had studied or worked in Europe and fled Nazism. These architects, from the 1930s, built these Bauhaus buildings at full speed to accommodate the flow of migrants.






This modern architecture has become essential. It has inspired many housing styles for contemporary lifestyles around the world.

Tel-Aviv, with its modernist architectural lines, shares a common aesthetic vocabulary with 13 Bonaparte. For these reasons, we wanted to offer you a walk in this inspiring city.





Some addresses :

*Stay or visit a sublimely renovated Bauhaus hotel / R48 Hotel

*Place Dizengoff / sit on the terrace, admire the fountain and the Bauhaus all around

*Visit the Bauhaus Center for information, the center is located at 77 Dizengoff Street

*Stroll along Boulevard Rothschild, the Lev Hair and Bialik districts


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