With a surface area of 592 ft2, the architectural concept is inspired by Japanese interiors of the 80s, an aesthetic that has influenced the brand since its inception.

At this time in Japan, the garment was the center of boutique design and became a living object.





The reflection of architects Antoine Collet & Christophe Muller focused on the reuse of a simple and functional everyday object : The Table.

Coming from a german industrial equipment manufacturer, this table, like an ordinary object, with black lacquered steel legs, is conceptualized as a unique piece throughout the boutique.

Multiplied, juxtaposed, turned over, elongated, they become a platform, a showcase screen, a rack, a seat.


Work meeting - Paris, septembre 2022


The Table concept - testing phase by architect Antoine Collet


Night of the installation at Printemps Haussmann - Paris, may 2023


The manufacture of these tables was carried out in Germany, then the layout and the custom tops were designed by the craftsmen of the French joinery Tachas, specialized in high-end layouts and decorations.

Eventually, these tables can be used as everyday objects again. An approach that supports the longevity of the 13 Bonaparte wardrobe and the saving in resources reflection of the Collet Muller Architectes agency.



3rd Floor of Menswear building

64 boulevard Haussmann

75009 Paris

Monday - Saturday 10 pm - 8 pm

Sunday 11 pm - 8 pm

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